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LIPA Square Black

270 USD

LIPA is made from one sheet of laser-cut steel then simply bent to form the sturdy legs and surface.

Every angle can be used as the front part depends which side brings the most appealing view.

Making LIPA simple, unique as a practical and sculptural side table, nightstand or plant stand anywhere in home or public spaces.

Not recommended to be use on thick carpet flooring.

  Kenyon Yeh
Materials  powder coated steel
Colours  black
Dimensions W.40 D.40 H.50 cm  ( W.15.7" D.15.7" H.19.7" )

Welcome to Esaila Online Shop.

Full of vim and vigor, this Taiwan based design house - Esaila was founded by designer Kenyon Yeh. It has introduced a collection of contemporary minimalist designs consisting of furniture, light fittings and other accessories.

The name Esaila derived from a Taiwanese colloquial ‘可以’, which means ‘be able to’, to reflect our ideology in our designs. We believe that a good design is a synthesis of commitment and determination in the pursuit of technical and aesthetic harmony yet retain a sense of lightness and quirkiness, such as in our everyday lives.

Besides featuring Kenyon Yeh’s own design, Esaila is always on the lookout for young passionate designers to form collaboration. To date we have collaborated with Kaschkasch, Knauf & Brown, Tomas Kral & Stéphane Halmaï-Voisard and Vera & Kyte from around the globe.

Esaila is a design editor with the designers’ collective aim to explore ways in defining relationship between the object, the human and the space; to create a meaning and symbolic tie between the three elements.

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